United States District Court - Western District of Tennessee
Judge S. Thomas Anderson
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Last updated Mon Jul 28 19:23:05 2014
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10:00 am 213cr20209 Change of Plea
USA v. Osman Udetallah
K. Whitmore, J. Kitchen -- R. Wampler
10:30 am 214cr20024 Change of Plea
USA v. Mark Anthony Stephens [26741-076]
S. Stringfellow -- D. Bell
11:00 am 213cv2479 Hearing re Plaintiff's Objections to R&R
Tremaine M. Forbers v. Kellogg Co., et al.
Pro Se -- J. Tarpley, M. Cooper, T. Monsma
1:15 pm 212cr20078 Change of Plea
USA v Timothy Johnson [usm#20062-076]
D. Biggers -- T. Darker
1:30 pm 213cr20324 Change of Plea
USA v. Armando Sauceda
J. Kitchen -- B. McWhirter
2:00 pm 214cr20122 Sentencing
USA v. Timothy Easter
S. Hall -- R. Pierce
3:00 pm 214cr20169 Report Date / Scheduing Conference
USA v. Rodney Lewis [26922-076]
K. Carter -- E. Perry
3:00 pm 210cr20184 Supervised Release Violation
USA v. Michael Bell [62203-019]
S. Hall -- E. Perry
3:30 pm 214I019 Information
S. Hall -- M. Ballin